Virtual Storyboarding - Part 1 | Grade 9-10

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What You Will Learn

Across animation, live-action film, and video games, the storyboard is an important tool that’s used to give storytellers their first rough draft of a story! Even if we don’t have the money or actors to film an amazing action scene, we can still plan one out together using storyboards! And that’s exactly what we’ll do together in this course.

Keywords: animation, storyboard, storyteller, fundamental, creative, insightful, inspiring



Design For 

Grade 9 - Grade 10



Course Overview

6 - 10



hours per class

Eastern Time


4:00 - 5:30 p.m. EST 

Pacific Time


1:00 - 2:30 p.m. PST

6 - 12 classes / meet once a week
Part 1:
1/7/2021, 1/14/2021, 1/21/2021,
1/28/2021, 2/4/2021, 2/11/2021
Part 2:
2/18/2021, 2/25/2021, 3/4/2021,
3/11/2021, 3/18/2021, 3/25/2021



This course page is for Part 1 (the first 6 lessons) registration.

If you are interested in Part 2 (the latter 6 lessons), please click here. 

We highly recommend taking both Part 1 and Part 2 courses for the best learning outcome!





Unit 1. Introduction - So! Who am I? And how is

storyboarding used across all mediums? You’ll find out

the answers to all.

Unit 2. Basics of Storyboarding Lecture - Let’s take a

look at storyboarding at its most basic, including some

important rules of screen design. We’ll do some creative

exercises together!

 Unit 3. Shot Types - The camera can be used in specific

ways, to convey specific emotions. We’ll cover all of


Unit 4. Prompt-Based Storyboarding Session - Now

for the real meat and potatoes. With one prompt, what

can I come up with? And then, what can you come up


Unit 5. Storyboard Revisions, and how to upload! - I’ll

take a look at what you have so far, work some

revisions, and send you on your way to finish, and show

you how to upload!

 Unit 6. Story Development - We’re at the halfway point

- from here on out, you really get to make things your

own. To plan your very own story, we’ll do some

brainstorming exercises.

Unit 7. Adapting a script for screen - From a small

starting point, we’ll develop a more fleshed out,

screen-ready prompt

Unit 8. Thinking Three-Dimensionally - Location &

Perspective - Let’s take a step back, and imagine our

story playing out in space, to create a literal map and

help us better understand the action!

Unit 9. Live Storyboarding Session - We’ll all work

together on boards, stopping as we go to follow some

rules and brainstorm together.

Unit 10. Storyboard Revisions and Intro to Animatics

- As we revise and finalize our boards, we’ll talk

animatics - what they are, and how we’re going to work

our boards into one.

Unit 11. Scanning & Compiling your Animatic - With

the boards done, let’s scan and upload them into our

editing software!

Unit 12. Animatic Presentations - Enjoy the fruits of

your labor!



    Course Projects

    • Project 2 - See if you can draw one frame of a storyboard
      based on the word you were given!

    • Project 7 - Turn your short prompt into a longer short story -
      highlight certain sentences and start assigning specific
      shot types!

    • Project 10 - Load your scans into the program, time out
      your animatic, and submit it for our showcase!

    ... 9 more projects




    *Prepare your own materials


    • Stop Motion Studio App


    • Printer Paper

    • Ruler

    • Drawing Pencils

    • Colored Pencils

    • A scanner OR camera (smartphone/tablet acceptable!)

    • Access to a computer or smartphone/tablet (free open source software for download will be provided)





      Keira Quinn

      Savannah College of Art & Design,BFA in Animation with A minor in Visual Effects | 

      Digital Content Creator, Mixed Media Animator, Educator

      I have been fascinated with the world of film, storytelling, and animation since a very young age! I attended the Savannah College of Art & Design and, since graduating, have made short films for local puppetry museums and film festivals and done production assistant work for Netflix! I love teaching about story-telling and have taught classes on animation with paper, LEGO, and puppets and workshops on storyboarding for film festivals, children's hospitals, and local schools!

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