Refer A Friend

Referral is a great way to share the love with your friends and relatives. We offer a 15% off reward to both the referrer and the referee.



There is a minimum purchase amount ($1024) when applying a referral reward of 15% OFF.  


Click Here to Activate Refer A Friend

 How the Referral Flow

1. Refer a friend by sending a referral URL

(example gif from

2. When the referee clicks the URL and enters his/her email, the referee will get the reward. A referee will have the ability to click "Apply Code" - which directly adds the code to the shopping cart.

(example gif from


3. If the referee makes a purchase, no matter whether the referee use the 15% OFF or not, the referrer will get the reward.


It is simple to share your referral url with friends and family - please copy and paste the referral links and send via email, social media, text, and more! 

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Last update: 5/14/2022