Where to find my course information (Zoom & Lesson Plan)?

Please notice that you will not receive any email notification about courses if you just register a course that is about to start in 2 days.


But don't worry, you can still register a class successfully while it is NOT "FULL", and you will be able to access lesson plans, material lists, and zoom information as following:


You can find all your purchased courses in "My Courses"  (menu) immediately upon successful payment. (picture 1)


 picture 1.


Zoom information of a course will be only available right after the course status is confirmed as opened (picture 2). You will receive a course confirmation/cancellation email 48 hours before the course starts, or earlier.

Picture 2.

*This is an example of course that is confirmed as opened. You can click the button "Join Zoom" to get in class. (Picture 2) If you cannot get in zoom by clicking the "Join Zoom" button, please click into the "View Course Details" to find Zoom info.


Please use the student first name and last name initials as participating in the zoom class. Teachers will check attendance.


You can find detailed zoom information when you click "View Course Details". Please see the "Zoom info" session on the right. (Picture 3)


 Picture 3.


You can view, print out, and download the lesson plan PDF file under the "Lesson Plan" session (Picture 4). Any available printable will be included and specified. 

Picture 4.


For any other questions, please contact us right away info@thecourseflow.com