Speech and Debate Intensive Camp | Grade 6-12

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What You Will Learn

Speech and Debate is an extracurricular team activity in middle school and high school. Like track and field, Speech and Debate tournaments have many different events. Speech events comprise giving prepared or impromptu speeches on a topic of your choice. Debate events use both prepared and impromptu speeches to convince an adult judge whether you or your opponent is more persuasive.

Speech and Debate build your skills in writing, research, critical thinking, and public speaking. This 2-week online course is designed for both the Speech and Debate newbie and those with experience. Over 10 days you will have the opportunity to learn about, create, and practice speeches for 10 different Speech and Debate events.

Keywords: speech, debate, research, forensics, writing, communication, public speaking


Design For 

Grade 6 - 12 (rising)




Course Overview

5 - 8



hours per class

Eastern Time

Monday - Friday

9:00 - 4:00 p.m. ET 

Pacific Time

Monday - Friday

6:00 - 1:00 p.m. PT

5 Classes/ 5 times a week
  8/2/2021 -8/6/2021 
8/2, 8/3, 8/4,
8/5,  8/6

 Note*: 1-hour lunch break each meet.


Course Unit & Project

The course objective is to introduce you to ten different events in Speech and Debate. The project for each unit will be to create a speech that fits the format of the event of the day.

Lesson 1. Extemporaneous/Impromptu

Lesson 2. Original Oratory

Lesson 3. Informative

Lesson 4. Program of Information

Lesson 5. Dramatic Performance

Lesson 6. Lincoln Douglas

Lesson 7. Public Forum

Lesson 8. Big Questions

Lesson 9. Policy

Lesson 10. Student Congress




  • Laptop or desktop It will be more difficult to do this course with a phone or tablet because you will need to access the internet and read documents while being in the virtual classroom.
  • Able to have access to a search engine such as Google or Bing and news websites such as CNN, NBC, or The Washington Post.
  • A camera/webcam and microphone
  • Have enough room to step back from your camera and be visible from the top of your head to your knees
  • Pens/pencils (at least 2 different colors)
  • Legal pad for taking debate notes
  • Clipboard
  • Stable Internet (Optional: ethernet cable. Wired internet makes your connection more stable)




Mr. Ray S. 

Debate and Speech Tournament Coach and instructor

The more a student enjoys, the more a student learns.
Ray teaches Spanish, Drama and Public Speaking. He has taught since 2003 and was the coach of a Speech and Debate team for 5 years. Ray studied at the University of Virginia, Middlebury College and the Second City Conservatory in Toronto. Ray's educational philosophy: the more a student enjoys, the more a student learns.