Motion Graphics - Digital Graphic Design (Intro) | Grade 5+

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What You Will Learn

Learn the techniques to create professional motion graphics animations for Social Media, YouTube, Websites, Business and More. Students will become fluent in generating their own videos, and animated visual graphics for the Web.

related skills: adobe after effects, principles of visual design, color theory, typography, composition, keyframe animation, brand animations



Design For 

Grade 5+



Course Overview

4 - 6



hours per class

Eastern Time


4:00 - 5:30 p.m. ET 

Pacific Time


1:00 - 2:30 p.m. PT

6 classes / meet once a week

1/12/2022 - 2/16/2022

1/12/2022, 1/19/2022, 1/26/2022,
2/2/2022, 2/9/2022, 2/16/2022



Lesson 1. Basics of Motion Graphics

Lesson 2. Visual Design Principles + Mandala Pt. 1

Lesson 3. Mandala Animation Part 2

Lesson 4: Animating Text 

Lesson 5: Animating Visual Elements

Lesson 6. Motion Graphics for Branding

Lesson 7. Final Project Part 1

Lesson 8. Final Project Part 2

Course Projects

Lesson 1. Create a Basic Animation

Lesson 2. Create a Mandala Animation

Lesson 3. Add Visual Effects to Mandala 

Lesson 4: Create a Teaser Trailer

Lesson 5. Create an Ad/Socal Media Video

Lesson 6. Create a Branding “Sting”

Lesson 7. Implement All Techniques into Video Project

Lesson 8. Final Touches + Audio for Video Project



*Prepare your own materials

  • Laptop with at least 8 gigs of RAM (Mac or PC)
  • Adobe After Effects (CourseFlow provides temporary accounts)
  • 2B Pencil
  • Colored Pencils, Markers or Paint
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Drawing Paper
  • Eraser
  • Cellphone or Digital Camera
  • Recommended: Mouse




Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA in Sound Design |
Music Designer, Digital Software Developer

Daniel Hoshor is Digital Arts Teacher for the Champion Learning Academy. As a multi-award-winning Music Composer and accomplished Creative Marketing Director, he will be guiding students to develop their creative voice using tools including Graphic Design, Web Design, Electronic Music, Filmmaking, and more! Students will gain an edge for their future career with an eye for professional design and a solutions-oriented approach-- while having fun!

Daniel graduated with a BFA in Sound Design from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017, where he contributed 27 original soundtracks to projects.
He has worked with clients including Gulfstream, Under Armour, and Lenovo. He has been working with digital design software since the age of 8. 
Mr.Daniel's Music artworks selection: