Introduction to Film Making - Part 1 | Grade 5-8

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What You Will Learn

With phones that could act as full-on production studios sitting in our pockets, the world of filmmaking is more accessible than ever - so, let’s explore it together! In this course, we’ll explore the history of film and filmmaking techniques, all the while making short films together along the way!

Keywords: pocket studio, filmmaking, history, techniques, short film, invigorating, affordable, creative, insightful, inspiring



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Grade 5 - Grade 8


Course Overview

6 - 10



hours per class

Eastern Time


4:00 - 5:30 p.m. EST 

Pacific Time


1:00 - 2:30 p.m. PST

6 - 12 classes / meet once a week
Part 1:
1/5/2021, 1/12/2021, 1/19/201,
1/26/2021, 2/2/2021, 2/9/2021
Part 2:
2/16/2021, 2/23/2021, 3/2/2021,
3/9/2021, 3/16/2021, 3/23/2021


This course page is for Part 1 (the first 6 lessons) registration.

If you are interested in Part 2 (the latter 6 lessons), please click here

We highly recommend taking both Part 1 and Part 2 courses for the best learning outcome!




Unit 1. - Intro, what to expect, and what IS film? - Welcome! Let’s get started with some introductions and a little history lesson. 

Unit 2. - The first mini-project - Let’s dive in and do a fun, short project together! I’ll show you my example and tell you how I did it so that you can do the same! 

Unit 3. - Camera Shots, and how to use them - The camera is perhaps the most important tool in a filmmaker’s arsenal. Let’s talk about how to use it.

Unit 4. - Planning out a story - The next step - storyboards. Join me as we do some doodles to visualize our stories for the first time! 

Unit 5. - From Storyboard to Screen - Prepare for action! We’ll take a look at storyboards, revise them, and then discuss setting up to shoot your film. 

Unit 6. - Introduction to Editing - With everything shot, how do we piece it all together?

Unit 7. - Mini Film Festival, and Intro to Film #2 - Our first film is done. But we have a lot more coming down the road... 

Unit 8. - Planning a Film and Utilizing Motion Graphics - As we move into the more technical territory, we’ll explore how motion graphics can be used in film! We’ll make our own with free software. 

Unit 9. - Intro to Visual Effects - Visual effects are a key part of movie magic, and making our own is as easy as anything! 

Unit 10. - Using Audio on Set - Our first film was more focused on visuals - how can we record quality audio on a budget? 

Unit 11. - Advanced Editing - Our final film is all shot, so we’re back in the editing bay - but this time, we’re going even deeper into what we can do. 

Unit 12. - Film Festival & Review - You’ve worked hard. Let’s enjoy the fruits of your labor, and look over what you learned in making your three (!) shorts, and what are some cool opportunities you can take advantage of from here!



    Course Projects

    • Project 1 - Written introduction! What is your favorite film, and what are the three things you like best about it - be specific! 
    •  Project 3 - Using your camera, see if you can get different shots off of our list! 
    •  Project 9 - Do a green screen test shoot! 


    ... 9 more projects




    *Prepare your own materials


    • A camera (smartphone or tablet with the camera are acceptable)

    • A tripod (and mount if using smartphone or tablet) 

    • Laptop/Computer with internet access





    Keira Quinn

    Savannah College of Art & Design,BFA in Animation with A minor in Visual Effects | 

    Digital Content Creator, Mixed Media Animator, Educator

    I have been fascinated with the world of film, storytelling, and animation since a very young age! I attended the Savannah College of Art & Design and, since graduating, have made short films for local puppetry museums and film festivals and done production assistant work for Netflix! I love teaching about story-telling and have taught classes on animation with paper, LEGO, and puppets and workshops on storyboarding for film festivals, children's hospitals, and local schools!

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