Apply For Studdy Buddy Discount

1. Read the terms and agreement of Study Buddy Discount

2. Ask your friends to register a The CourseFlow account

3. Use the form below to send us a full list of study buddy account emails and the course (link) you want to take together.

Terms and Conditions - Study Buddy


Request Initiator must be at least 18 years of age.Invite study buddies - a minimum of three friends.All study buddies agree to take the same course.


Group of 4 (invite three friends) - 20%

Group of 7 (invite six friends) - 25%

Group of 10 (invite nine friends) - 30%

Authorization Verification:

All study buddies (group members) must create The CourseFlow accounts before proceeding to check out.

Request Sending:

Request Initiator will be responsible for sending all study buddies’ account emails and the chosen course to The CourseFlow by submitting the below form.


After receiving a Study Buddy discount request and verifying all the member accounts, all study buddies (group members) will receive a payment link directed to The CourseFlow check-out page with a discount applied. Please make a payment before the link expired. Expiration information will be included in the payment information. Group reservations may be canceled if there are any incomplete payments within the members.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

How to Request Study Buddy Discount: 

Invite your study buddy to create an account on The CourseFlow. You will send us a full list of study buddy’s account emails and the chosen course link.A payment request with discount applied will be sent to you and your study buddies via email. Pay the discounted course before the link expired.The purchased course in “My Courses”  will be valid after all study buddies’ payments are made successfully. Any incomplete payments may lead to the group course cancellation.