Exciting Journey to Excellent Reading & Speaking: Entertainment | GK-G2 *Mandarin Beginner


Looking for a fun and immersive way to learn Chinese and keep the motivation going? Highly recommend taking all eight weeks of courses to experience this enjoyable virtual trip to China and gain strong speaking & reading skills with joy.

In each class, there will be special reading and speaking goals to achieve. Then, after 9 weeks of courses, students can talk about basically everything based on various real-life situations without hesitation.

What else you can get after the 9 weeks of the course: 36+ reading materials with different forms & topics.

Instruction language: Mandarin only.  

This is the 8th week of the series course registration page.

*No hard feeling. You can learn a single week if you do not wish to take the whole series of courses.


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3:10-4:10 P.M. ET

Mon-Fri, 8/15-8/19/2022 (week 10)

Grade K-2 *2022 Spring


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Pre-requisite: Champion 1A/B-2A/B 已学习暨南大学教材 第一册-第三册/ 正在学习或者已学完马立平二年级,或正学马立平三年级 (Previous Champion 1A/B-2A/B Have learned or learning Zhongwen Vol.1-3 / Heritage Chinese G2-G3, or any equivalent experience)

This Registration is for the 8th week of the series.

Let's unlock all these great topics in our 9 weeks courses:

  • Reading Week 1 (6/27-7/1/2022) - Food: Cuisine, Tea Ceremony, Food, ...

  • Reading Week 2 (7/5-7/8/2022) - Daily Life: Sports, Shopping, ...

  • Reading Week 3 (7/11-7/15/2022) - Geography Tourism: Famous Rivers and Rivers, Ancestral Family Tree...

  • Reading Week 4 (7/18-7/22/2022)- History: Historical Celebrities, Dynasties ...

  • Reading Week 5 (7/25-7/29/2022) - Campus life: Courses, Clubs...

  • Reading Week 6 (8/1-8/5/2022) - Holidays: Ceremony, Food, Vacation Activities...

  • Reading Week 7 (8/8-8/12/2022)- Literature and Art: Film, Television, Opera...

  • Reading Week 8 (8/15-8/19/2022)- History: Historical Celebrities, Dynasties...

  • Reading Week 9 (8/22-8/26/2022)- Technology: Four Inventions, Modern Technology & Industry...



Online Course Requirements

  • Mac PC, or Tablet

  • Mouse (optional)

  • WebCam

  • Stable internet connection with access to Video Conference

  • Assorted Office Stationery




Cancellation Policy

Please read the complete Champion Camp policy before purchase

  • Full refund except for a 3% order withdrawal fee, notice us more than 7 days before the online session start date.

  • 50% refund, notice us less than 7 days and more than 3 days before the online session start date.

  • No refund; notice us less than 3 days before the start of the online camp session. 

  • If an online class cancellation is made by Champion Camp due to low enrollment, there will be a full refund for tuition. Any class cancellation will be announced at least 7 days before the session starts.