Storyboarding: Turning Script into Motion | G5-G8

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Storyboarding is a powerful tool to communicate your story/idea efficiently, also a blueprint for production. 

Storyboarding is a graphic organizer that consists of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic, or interactive media sequence.

Students will learn:

  • write a script
  • to create a storyboard sequence by using pencil, ink, and colors

  • to do thumbnails sketching that showed content and action
  • Storyboarding Basics: speed, clarity, and utility.
  • Intro to camera movements for shots such as zooms, pans, tilts, dollies, trucks, and pedals


Time: 3:10-5:10 P.M. ET

Date: Monday-Friday, 6/21-6/25/2021 (Week 2)

Grade (2021 Spring): Grade 5-Grade 8

Class size: 6-8

Project-Based: Yes 

Prerequisite: No

Category: Art


Online Course Requirements

  • Mac, PC, Tablet, or Phone

  • WebCam

  • Stable internet connection with access to Video Conference

  • Assorted Office Stationery 

    Art Supplies 

    *It is not required to prepare everything in this list; any substitutions are welcome. Yet, a lack of course materials can lead to project failures and instructional difficulties. Teachers may add more materials later (will email enrolled students).

    • paper
    • pencils and eraser
    • color pencils, marker, or sharpie
    • ruler



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