Minecraft with Java| G3-G5

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Learning to modify Minecraft with Java is of great help for students to understand how the application runs in the back and how it develops. Budding coders, let's create your own rules in Minecraft and upgrade your problem-solving skills!

What is Java: Java is a general-purpose programming language that is designed to let the application developers write once, run on all platforms.

Students will learn:

  • code with Java 
  • Minecraft Modding
  • game design principles and core concepts
  • game testing and trouble-shooting
  • ...


Time: 1:00-3:00 P.M. ET

Date: Monday - Friday, 6/28-7/2/2021 (week 3)

Grade (2021 Spring): Grade 3 - Grade 5

Class size: 6-8

Project-based: Yes

Prerequisite: None

Category: STEM

Standards: Next Generation Science Standards


Online Course Requirements

  • Mac, or PC 

  • WebCam

  • Stable internet connection with access to Zoom Video Conference

  • Assorted Office Stationery 

  • Able to install and run Minecraft (A Minecraft account will be provided in class)




Calvin U. 

UNC-Chapel Hill, Studio Art | Art Instructor

Calvin attended UNC-Chapel Hill and received a bachelor of arts in Studio Art, with an emphasis in painting and drawing. He typically tries to educated students with at least two different methods of instruction: explaining concepts verbally and showing them what he was talking about visually, but sometimes he tries to switch things up. He believed that It is very important that his students understand the underlying principles behind what they are doing because that helps them much more long-term.

His expectation is that students slowly build a base of knowledge and technique from which to create art and problem solve in his fun and friendly art class. He hopes to see students progress throughout the year and gain the confidence to solve problems and create more independently than when they began.

For Calvin's personal art, he seeks to illustrate the connection between symbolism and the natural world. Much of his artwork uses animals as representations of current political events, ideologies, and issues. His goal is to show the ways in which nature and animals are used as tools for political gain and often separated from any ties to the real natural world.


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