Contemporary Painting and Drawing, The Remote Artist | Grade 9-12

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What You Will Learn

This course will redefine the process of figure paintings and drawing, with ourselves put in the center of an ever-changing landscape and its surroundings. The lessons will cover the essentials in drawing, to move onto the more progressive ways of painting. There will be drawing and painting exercises with assignments touching on subjects like portraiture and how we see ourselves in today's digital society, painting memories, surrealism, and building our own unique individual space to develop into the artist we want to be.

Keywords: drawing, painting, contemporary, creative, inspiration, essentials



Design For 

Grade 9 - Grade 12




Course Overview

6 - 10



hours per class

Eastern Time


5:00 - 7:00 p.m. EST 

Pacific Time


2:00 - 4:00 p.m. PST

6 classes 
 meet once a week

3/30/2021, 4/6/2021, 4/13/2021, 4/20/2021, 4/27/2021, 5/4/2021







Lesson 1. The Background. Beginning a Canvas Starting with Abstraction and Ending in a Still Life Drawing. Studying from the Works of Paul Klee for Inspiration.

Lesson 2. Portraiture. Drawing Ourselves from Looking at Our Screens and How Our Digital Image Looks Like Through Painting.   

Lesson 3. Surrealism, Exploring Both the Common or Obscure and Reflecting it Through Painting and Drawing. Touching on Dreams and Fantasy. 

Lesson 4. Memory. Reflecting a Personal History in a Painting and Working from an Old Photograph.

Lesson 5. Landscape, Drawing What You See Outside Your Window. 

Lesson 6. Finishing Up All the Course Work to Add to the Finished Portfolio.

Course Projects

Project 1. The background. 

Project 2. Draw/paint the entire computer screen LIVE during class. 

Project 3. Blind drawing exercises, Madlib drawing/painting, drawn in watercolor pencil. 

... 3 more projects



*Prepare your own materials

  • Artist canvas panels 8 x 10’’
  • Acrylic paint brush set, 10-20 pcs
  • Watercolor color pencil set, at least 20 colors
  • Professional drawing pencil kit
  • Watercolor pencil set 20 colors at least
  • Acrylic paint basic colors set
  • Canson XL series mix paper pad, 98 pounds,14 x 17”
  • Leakproof watercolor palette 24 wells with 2 + 1 additional mixing areas or freezer paper for oil and acrylics.
  • Moleskine art sketchbook, hardcover, 5 x 8.25”
  • Cotton rags
  • Water mixable Oil paint basic color set or more than 10 colors. Water miximal for less smell or Alkyd oil paint for better result.
  • Oil brush set
  • Linseed oil
  • Gamsol non-smelling terps



    Ian Tweedy

    New Academy for Fine Arts (NABA) Milan, Italy | Career Artist

    Having graduated from the New Academy of Fine Art (NABA) in Milan, Italy, and raised in both Europe and American, I’ve been exposed to many different cultures and languages. For 16 years as a career artist, I have worked with considerable experience with many art mediums, including oil paint, acrylic, drawing, murals, and installation art. During my art career, I have worked with a wide range of American and International artists, curators, galleries, and museums and have prepared for solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries and studied art history and art theory. I have experience working alongside peers, those older and younger, and students doing my part to work as a team making sure everyone is acknowledged and on the same page. 

    Ian's artworks