2021 Champion Summer Camp



For the past 15 years, Champion Camp, located in North Carolina, has its supportive parents (Hi! RTP parents) who value Quality Education as priority in mind to dedicate in potential-fulfilled development. This golden vision ensures the beautiful craft of the Champion Summer Camp curriculum each year.


Everyone Needs Quality Education

The Champion Camp welcomes broader learners outside of North Carolina. Quality education should NOT be limited by geography. Therefore, we are about to release 10 weeks of online Champion Summer Camp courses in early March on The CourseFlow platform. 


Don't missing out! If you subscribe us or sign up a free account on the CourseFlow, you will have Summer Camp courses feed weekly via e-mail newsletter before June. Camps include topics of Digital Art, Painting & Drawing, Design, Science, Math, Coding, Game Design, World Language, Journalism, English of Arts, Public Speaking, Debate, Entrepreneur, Economics, Chess, etc. 


Know What, Know How

Champion Summer Camp is smartly adaptive to an interactive classroom. Students learn through projects, targeting study objectives from the beginning, and so the end goal can be examined, achievement can be visible. The project-based class ensures students have chance to use their newly learned skills and get actionable feedbacks, be able to solve new problems that arise during the exploration. Teachers will make sure students are constantly thinking how to solve a problem instead of feeling frustrated.


Aim High

You may ask can your child learn subject that looks too advanced/abstract to his/her age. Young students have excellent potentiality to explore and comprehend various aspects of life. Our experienced career teachers dedicate to teach the core of a seeming complex subject, developing ways to simplify a concept to a comprehensible level for students. Hence, there is no reason to stop kids learning whatever they are curious about. We encourage everyone to get the best of a class. 


Empower Creator  

We empower Grade 8-Grade 12 students to truly create. We provide specialized instructor on different industry-standard softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Unity, Roblox, ect,. Some students want to learn new techniques, and skills that essential for their personal projects. Therefore, we come up with this 10-week creator camps. You may feel necessary to take all 10 camps, if you are the kind of person who crave to learn new things everyday, curious how to organize abstract thoughts to actions, how to illustrate ideas in 2D or in 3D, how to make a prototype of your project with science expert backing, how to make it visually pleasant, how to document your creation process and make it as an integral part of your project, how to get fund for your project to be sustainable in long-term, and finally how to advocate your vision to the world with excellent speaking skills.    


The Summer Camp courses will be published in late March.  Hope to see your students soon in class!

Champion Camp & CourseFlow Team